Barriers are one of the important products in Entrance automation and it is also known as part of road security technology.

in boom barriers we have many options for which suit to any requirements of barrier. Currently available option are Folded arm barrier ( mostly used for basement parking or lower height areas) , full length barrier, telescopic boom barrier, parking securing barrier, barrier with fence, double arm barrier or anti crash barriers.

We deal with Cardin (formally known as Telcoma), NICE and smart barriers. most of our barriers are 100% duty cycle and with speed variation drive which allows you to maintain speed and operations as per requirements.

Developing Technology

As boom barrier are now being very common across the world. We are working to bring new and latest technologies for barrier. in Currently DC motorised barriers, chain barrier, spring loaded barriers are commonly available in market. but we are the way introduce our pneumatic barrier which will allow you to use automatic working barrier without electric, solar supply and batteries. stay tuned with us for latest technologies.

For industrial uses means if you are looking barriers for a corporate building, offices, shopping complex and any kind of business place where Design and high quality both are important.  we have varieties of barriers with different designs and 60% to 100% duty cycle barriers with Parking management, car counting system, pay and park, and RFID stickers, loop detector solution which will match to 100% of your requirements

A Residential barrier must compliance to its safety measures, easy to use for everyone. our barriers have safety edge sensors ( available on request) which help to make more secure while operated. lower fence to cover area completely. RFID solution , remote operating, number plate recognition, operating by mobile apps are option to operate our barriers which let you feel secure at homes.

roads Barriers, are high speed barrier with 100% duty cycle, readjusted boom system, which help to maintain lane, discipline on roads, In India road barriers are used for tools plaza, railway crossing and nearby any secretarial building or zone. We have complete solution for all type of road barriers requirements

We provide complete solution for defence and security zone automatic barriers, we are anti crash and high speed barriers to keep secure and unbreakable zone. we provide solution with emergency condition switch to close and block area. anti crash barriers are tested barriers to make reliability during uses. barrier are also used near country borders for regular checkup and securities