We are involve with the discovery and design of new  door  automation  possibilities which are making easy walkway throughout all kind doors, door automation is one of product which actually very invisible automation solution which are mostly used in urban Areas. mall, corporate office, hospitals, hotels, private bungalow, technology center and governments public centers are using door automation to attract its facilities and to show their technological advancement.  We provide complete solution for various kind of door automation with sensor, remote , fingerprint systems.our team is well trained for all type of door automation solution. like sliding door swing door, curve slide door, telescopic doors,

Advance Technology

Door Automation manufacturing industries are manufacturing various kind of automation solutions for doors to achieve unlimited options for architectural designs, We have teethed rack door motors, teethed belt motors, magnetic field travelling profile, rope slide, hydraulic, Pneumatic, geared direct drive and semi automatic door automation solution with all type of access solutions. We provide German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Indian make automation solution as per your requirements

The most common option in door automation is Slide type motorization of any door. We have installed numbers of products across India. malls, builders, jewelry shops, bungalows and corporate offices are our regular clients.

In sliding type door automation we have bidirectional, single slide, window doors automation, free travelling for long distance door, partitions doors, cold storage locking doors, anti radiation Xray room doors, emergency way doors, elegant entrance slide door, We also manufacture doors as per clients requirments

Swing doors automation are mostly used for common way areas , in offices, hospitals, hotels and in laboratories. We have underground swing door motors, arm door motors, fold-able doors motors, and hinges semi automatic door automation solutions, We also provide safely locks with automatic doors to make secure doors in common way area.

We also have solutions for visitor guidance solution with access pass and RFID visitor card. and biomatric solutions on complete turnkey building projects

Telescopic doors, curve slide doors, top slide doors are used for very special requirements, for hotels entrance, Army zone, parking Areas, car lifts.

We have installed many doors for different projects across India. we also like to make new type of entrance door solutions for special requirments