Gate Automation is the one of the best technology of 21st century which allows you comfortable living and saving more and more energy and manpower. Gate automation are used for all type of gates like sliding gate, swing gate, retractable gate, hanger, and aircraft over head gates. We are one of leading manufacturer of Anti radiation gates  and automatic top roof slider. complete solution for all types of gates. MK is leading manufacturer of sliding gate automation for industries. and defense ministry of India.

We have experience of installation and repairing of  Indian, European, Chinese and Korean manufactured motors. We are able provide 100% Best quality motors which are made by MK (our own manufactured motors), we are distributor/ supplier of CARDIN ( TELCOMA-made in Italy.) gate motors, which is finest Quality motors across the world.

Technology for you

We provide best designed gates with Automation which meet to,  all your requirements. We design gates as per your resident/commercial property front view, and Area available for the Entrance Gate. Finest Quality motors with Latest automation technology are being used for each requirements.

Designing an Entrance Gate may be one of toughest job for others, our design your entrance gates with latest technological solutions. We manufacture Cantilever, telescopic, Retractable, wheel slide, swing, folding and special designed gates. we also provide 3D, 2D, and shop drawings. we are able manufacture your designed gates with expert engineer and fabricators within your budget or affordable pricing.

We manufacture not just gates, we engineer your projects and requirements to truly fulfill it. we inspect /visit your location to know the correct space, we design n fabricate your gates to make your dreamy homes, office entrance comes alive. and let you feel that your requirements are really fulfilled.

We Manufacture all type of gates, swing gate , Sliding gate, Hanger gates, Anti radiation gate, Cantilever,  telescopic gate and Retractable gates, we also manufacture special Designed and RnD required works for entrance gates, We manufacture gate for residential, commercial , Defense, runway boundary and  for airbase Hangers.

We have various Gate Automation solution which match to designs and fulfill your using requirements. sliding gate motors, swing gate motor armed swing gate motors, underground and leaf swing gate motors,  overhead sliding motors, magnetic line slide automation (Japanese Technology) are  solutions available. we also provide visitor managements, parking managements, loop detectors, RFID Stickers solutions, biomatrics and sensors to access gate motors.

Sliding gate automation are depends on gear teethes and moved by motor which make movement through its gear and worm. The Gate slides on sliding track which is made by steel rod. Most of sliding gate motors are 230V AC some of companies provide 24VDC type of motors. We have India, Italian, Chinese and German make motors.

Swing gate automation is used for swing gates. The swing gate Automation is based on hydraulic and gear motorized systems. We have various type of automation for swing gates. I.e. Underground motors, Leaf opening (Without folding arm) Motors, Arm type motors (folding arms). motors are 230v and 24vdc electric power required.

retractable gate system is very new systems which are introduced by Chinese manufacturers. Retractable gate Automation is used for minimum area to save gate running space. Retractable gate collapse all track together. All tracks have moving wheels and the first track carry the gear motor. Motor box follow magnetic sensor which make it easy to cover open and closing area. We are dealer for all types of retractable gates. We are also able to manufacture M.S material gates. we have wide range of Smart motors and various design and materials retractable gates. such as aluminum, S.S and royal, king and lion and dragon designs.

in other type option we have over head slide gates, underground slide gates, heavy industrial gates, hanger gates, anti radiation gates, telescopic gate, cantilever gate curve slide gates and folding gates. we also design and manufacture gates as per your requirements.