shutters are used as a flexible door panel in shops, warehouses, workshop sheds and are made of steel sheets & strips. As the rolling shutters are wound over on a overhead winding mandrill, the shutter will not give any problem for movement of people or vehicles through the door. The shutters roll upwards parallel to front wall not occupying any space of the floor and therefore, they are preferred for use in shops. Further, as these are made of steel sheets, they are strong, long lasting and safe. There is good demand for rolling shutters, as an item of common use in construction of shops, warehouses, workshop sheds, Garage and it is suitable for interior designs for corporate offices and bungalows etc.

We are manufacturer, wholesaler,  supplier and service provider of all type of rolling shutter automation and slats. We provide complete solution as per inspection of the site or as per design and requirements. We manufacture Aluminum, Perforated, Poly carbonate, grill and G.I slats. We provide complete automation with various access controls and manual operating systems Automatic rolling shutters   are new generation trend for saving time and manual operating headache. automation is secure and reliable more than manual locking functions.

rolling shutter with grey powder coating

We Manufacture for you

We are leading manufacturer of Polycarbonate / Transparent rolling shutter, G.I, S.S and Aluminium Rolling shutters. We also able to manufacture shutters as per your special requirements which are well designed, Quality maintained and all Installation done by expert only. from a small shop shutter to A Giant Front opening shutter we give solutions for every requirements with our lowest and affordable pricing.

We have wide range of designs and type of shutter automation which are suitable to all type of residential. for bungalows, Flats, parking Garage and chawl rooms we have many type of recommended  shutter designs which are exclusively for residential purpose, we also provide Wifi, mobile apps , designer and touch screen switches on client demand. designs, videos, 3D and Autocad 2D avaiable as per client Space/Area designs

For commercial  road  front area shops, offices and mall stores , and any kind of commercial complex/ space we provide  rolling shutter with automation solutions according to clients front view of the commercial property, locations, and designs. G.I shutters, Grill shutters, Polycarbonate, and Aluminium shutters are available with varieties of designs.

For industrial uses we have G.I shutters, PVC, Fire curtain shutters, Fire rate shutters, Aluminium puff  and glass wool Insulated shutters which can used at cold storage, Power plant, industrial manufacturing units and all kind of suitable  industrial areas. site inspections, designs ,and old shutters automation also available for across India.

For warehousing zones, and individual warehouses we have solutions  duck shutters, duck shelters with dock levelers, G.I shutters, wide Fire curtain shutters, Fire rate shutters, Aluminium puff  and glass wool Insulated shutters which can used at cold storage, dock area  warehousing zones. all kind of shutter automation with unlimited  access solution. i.e loop detectors, biomatrics, IP logging access, and many type of sensors as per client requirements